Get the Legendary Combo…

What’s better than one tub of PRO FORMULA and the Season 00 Shaker? Two tubs, that’s what. With the PRO CRATE, online punks aren’t the only thing you’ll be dominating. You’ll be crushing all those IRL goals too! That’s because you’ll have enough PRO FORMULA for your gaming sessions AND the gym, studying, reading, coding, or whatever else you do that you need some extra brain juice for.

  • 2 tubs PRO FORMULA // Liquid Luck Season 00 Shaker.
  • Choose your flavors. Customize your loadout.
  • 100% All-natural ingredients backed by science.
  • That feeling of knowing you’re just better.


Liquid Luck improves your:


Experience laser precision and nail more headshots. The Liquid Luck focus blend combines the world’s best and well-studied nootropics to put you in the zone like you’ve never experienced before.

Processing Speed

Improve reaction time and process incoming stimuli with ease. Liquid Luck makes it easier to react quickly so you always get the first shot.


Build momentum and conquer fatigue. The Liquid Luck Energy Blend combines the power of all-natural green tea caffeine, Panax ginseng root extract, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, and green tea leaf extract to keep you grinding longer than ever before.


Forge neural pathways to victory. Ingredients in Liquid Luck are proven to support motor learning and faster recall.

The other guys never stood a chance…

Liquid Luck vs the Rest

Cognizin Citicoline

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Total Active Ingredients

Serving Size


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