GTA 5 FiveM RP Mod – Take on the role of the police

FiveM roleplay mod for GTA V

You always wanted to take on the role of a Police Officer in GTA V, but a roleplay server is out of the question for you?

GTA 5 from criminal to police officer, which with only a single mod. The game Grand Theft Auto 5 has been on the market for a few years now and the modding community is still as active as with any other game.

In Grand Theft Auto V, you usually take on the role of a gangster and dive deep into the underworld of Los Santos. You steal cars, engage in wild gunfights or flee from the police.

But you don’t want to be the villain anymore?

The modders around FiveM have put a lot of effort into bringing the gaming experience in a different direction. The mod surpasses almost all police games I know, the connection between gameplay and the stunning graphics of GTA 5 with raytracing is absolute madness. The gameplay is strongly reminiscent of Police Simulator Patrol Duty.

You have a new job, a really important job. The city of Los Santos needs you and that more than ever. People live in fear of crime and robbery, only you can change that.

Your first way to the guard is something very special, which you know, from today many will be different. You go to the entrance, your hands sweat, your gaze is rigid, your conviction firm as steel. The first colleagues at the door look at you curiously, you enter the department.

The impressions flow on you, but your will and your courage let you show true greatness. You greet your new colleagues and go to the locker room. There she is, your uniform. The fabric feels new and smells completely unworn.

You throw off your civilian clothes and carefully slip into your new identity. You’re now a Los Santos Police Officer. Your fingers tremble when you put on your badge for the first time. With the shine you stop briefly and reach for your belt made of black leather. The paddock is heavy as it holds all your gear ready for duty. You look at your belt and see your baton, your handcuffs, a flashlight and your service weapon in the holster. Determined you put the carrying frame around and feel like a completely different person. A man who upholds the law and shows no mercy for crime.

Your firm step echoes through the corridors of the Police Department towards the garage. The door opens with difficulty, your gaze wanders through the dark underground car park, it is directed to rubber, exhaust gases and gasoline. The neon light flickers and reflects in the black paint of your new patrol car. A nail new Buffalo in black and white, with a powerful pile driver and a red-blue beacon on the roof.

You open the car and get in. The smell of new cars and leather care stings you immediately in the nose. Your mission computer is already booted up and your radio is activated. Your hands firmly grasp the steering wheel, your gaze turns to stone, your body no longer trembles but is full of drive. Your day now begins as Guardian of the Law and Angel of Law for your homeland, LOS SANTOS.


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