The 5 Best Apex Landing Zones to Get More Wins Today

If you’re a gamer with a pulse, 

you probably know that Apex Legends is taking the eSports and Twitch worlds by storm.

It’s an incredibly diverse and complex game with TONS of replay value and, if you’re like me, you can’t get enough.

With one of the most diverse battle royale maps to date, it can be difficult to choose where to stick your boots in the mud and start your warpath.

Don’t worry though,

in this guide, I break down the 5 best spots to land, how to play them,  and where to go from there.  

Water Treatment

Water Treatment is my personal favorite place to land on the entire map.

It’s got enough high tier loot to support an entire team and is usually not that crowded compared to other “High Tier” spots.

But that’s not all,

The arrangement of the buildings makes for some interesting early game combat scenarios that can be capitalized on by a well-organized team.

One word of warning:

Watch out for the supply ship. It spawns near water treatment all the time and when it does, be prepared for some high-octane early game action if you land here.

If you’re not a fan of early-game bloodbaths, you’re better off avoiding Water treatment when the supply ship spawns there.

After landing at Water treatment, you can break east towards the cabins on the river and Repulsor or head northwest towards Market and Skull Town for some quick cleanup.        


Airbase is one of those spots that a lot of people try to avoid because they know it will be lit.

I’ve played a lot of games as the jumpmaster where the randoms on my team got pissed at me for landing here. 

I’m here to tell you that you should be the one lighting things up instead of the one cowering in fear at one of the nearby towns.

You see,

Airbase has “High Tier” loot, and if you make it out alive, you’ll be sitting pretty for the long game straight from the beginning.

With that said, most people who land here don’t understand the correct way to play it. 

They normally land closer to the big wall here instead of out on the piers.

Sounds great right?

Wrong. The problem is almost everyone who lands here does the same thing. There isn’t much loot near the wall or in the small rooms attached.

If you land out on the piers instead, you’ll have access to 3 supply bins on each side and time to allow the other teams to kill each other off a bit before sweeping in for clean-up.

After the first battles are over, I recommend you move south to the small town via zipline or East towards the outpost there.



Artillery is one of the hottest drops around.

In a lot of games, the dropship spawns in the North East corner of the map  so a lot of players drop immediately to Artillery.

If you’re a fan of early game carnage,

 this is the spot for you.

Artillery has a few main spots to land where you’re likely to find the best loot. 

I recommend one person landing directly in front of the “warehouse” in the northeast corner and each other player landing by each of the two hangars.

It’s very likely 

that other players will land near at least one of your teammates but since it’s a relatively small area, you should be able to come help or lay down cover fire quickly.

For some reason, players seem to always land near the large “garage door” in the North part of Artillery which I don’t think is the correct play.

There’s not usually enough loot there for an entire team and since it’s tucked against the edge of the map, it severely limits your options for escape, flanking, or angles of attack.

After a successful Artillery drop, you can either head to Cascades or into the open area to the South. 

I prefer to head to Cascades as it’s another “High Tier” spot and there’s a few supply bins in the tunnel along the way.

When you get there, you’ll be stacked and ready for some cleanup work. 

Exiting to the South is really a backup plan if things don;t go according to plan at Artillery.


Slum Lakes

Slum Lakes is our pick for most underrated spot to land in Apex Legends.

Even though it’s technically categorized as “Mid-Tier”, my experience has been anything but.

This spot has a TON of loot.

It’s basically a less hot version of Skull Town and plays out in much the same way but without the intense high-octane start.

If you are looking for somewhere to land with less competition that will set you up for a longer game, Slum Lakes is one of your best bets.

One of the best things 

about Slum Lakes is it sets you up to move into the ultra-secret untapped circular cave formation area directly to the South(The Pit).

For some reason, not many players land there that often and it’s got some high-tier loot for your squad.

After the cave-raiding is done, you’ll be set up to move further south and clean up the players who landed at Runoff and Airbase who will probably be weak after some initial fighting.


Skull Town

There is no spot more notorious in Apex Legends than Skull Town.

It seems no matter where the drop ship spawns, at least 50% of all players are dead-set on hitting up Skull town.

I’ve never had the pleasure of Having Skull town all to myself and I’m sure you haven’t either.

With that said,

there’s a few good reasons why everyone loves to land here.  

First is the loot. Skull Town has no shortage of loot and while it’s classified as “Mid-Tier”, there’s just a ton of it to be had.

I’ve had some unfortunate drops here as well,  running through three or four buildings without finding a single gun and while that’s super frustrating, it’s a problem with the game as a whole and isn’t specific to any one spot.

If you’re looking to survive Skull Town,

my best advice is to land on the rooftops of the large buildings in the center of town.

In my experience, there’s usually some good weapons up there, and the height advantage you gain is worth your attention in and of itself.

There’s a few supply bins that are always out in the desert area directly to the east that you should also make sure to take advantage of.

Another reason to land at Skull Town is the positioning and sheer number of options it gives you after your first looting is done.

Skull Town is right in the center of the map so it makes it easy to get to the first circle (if you’re not already in it).

You can also head southwest to Thunderdome (“High-Tier” loot) or northeast towards Market and Caves.

Overall, you can’t really go wrong with Skull Town as long as you can survive it.


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