About Us

We stand for the rise, the grind, the “better every day”.

Canned energy drinks have been canned. 

The standard “gaming energy drinks” aren’t much different. 

We realized if we wanted to abide by our own rules of working hard to reach our goals and striving for excellence in everything we do, we couldn’t just release a product that was status quo.

We took it seven levels further.

We didn’t just create another gaming energy drink but the next evolution in eSports nutrition.

Liquid Luck is the embodiment of our ethos in action.  It is the product of tireless research, development, and a bottomless passion for doing our best in all that we do.

It will take your gaming to new heights.

One success leads to another, setting in motion a chain reaction of positive momentum in your life.

We hope Liquid Luck will be the key to unlocking the excellence within you.